Speaking of Cellphones. (pun intended)

I already mentioned that Mikaela has trouble enunciating some words here and of course her obsession with leggings is stronger than ever. Check posts here and here.

So it is a constant source of mirth for me, this, let’s say unique way of saying things.

I don’t actually laugh at her face, but in the instance that I do, I always hug and tell her that I am not laughing at her, I was laughing because she said something funny. She’s one funny girl.

So aside from Teacher which to her is Pitcher, she have a host more, particular ways of naming animate and inanimate beings. One of this being the cellphone or the mobile phone.

As usually, the moment I entered the door from work, she would give me a hug, bless or mano, pronounced like nano, just with an m,  (take my hand and put it on her forehead, a typical Filipino gesture of respect and honor), and ceremoniously ask for her Pa (who usually hides upon coming home) or run to her Pa, and then dig through my bag to find my mobile phone, not usually in this order either.

So one time when she can’t find it, she asked:

Mikaela : Ma, borrow ko sem-pon.

Me : smiled and said,  It’s seell-foon, langga. *lang as in lang-uage, and ga as in ga, in ga-s, roughly translates to dear*

Mikaela : See-mm-pon.

Me : Ss-ee-ll-ff-oo-nn.

Mikaela : Sim-pol.

Mikaela : Sen-fol.

Mikaela : Sin-fool.

Me : Tries hard to contain one guffaw, said “Langga, look at Mama’s mouth, Ss-ee-ll-ff-oo-nn.

Mikaela : Ss-ee-ll-pon.

Me : Okay, you almost got it now, let’s try one more time and look real closely at my mouth, ss-ee-ll-ff-oo-nn. Cellphone.

Mikaela : Ss-ee-ll-fon. Sim-pol.

Me : (Bwahahahaha! inside) Again, sell-fon.

Mikaela : Sell-fon. Cellphone.

Me : Yay! Very good langga!

Her four upper front teeth is already gone due to our, her parents, stupid mistake with overnight bottles, (hangs head in shame) this is partly the reason why she has trouble enunciating and partly due to her less than perfect hearing organs. These are only my opinion, mind you and I’ve been known to exaggerate at times. Although, I admit, we are long overdue in the dentist appointment department, she’s doing great. In fact, she is saying “cellphone” correctly now.

No teeth? How about some vampire fangs?

Disclaimer : We are now very vigilant on our kids teeth. We know the importance of milk teeth in relation to the permanent teeth. Ayana’s teeth are pearly white, we are not so patient with repeating mistakes. Promise!


6 thoughts on “Speaking of Cellphones. (pun intended)

  1. I agree with Bridget. Kids and teeth is a hard one to deal with. I know I’m supposed to start teaching the boys how to brush their teeth, but ugh. It’s just another chore I am holding off for as long as possible 🙂

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