UNO Culmination 2011

For the stumble-ers, you may want to read this first.
Mikaela’s UNO culmination activity happened on the fateful day of October 27, 2011 at SM mall tradehall’s 2 and 3 (one of the most famous malls in Cebu, Shoe Mart or SM). I said fateful because with a headstrong 4-year-old you can never truly be ready for any eventualities. This is a bit long, be forewarned.


The night before, we had a dress rehearsal. I had already a bad feeling how tomorrow will turn out based on Mikaela’s reaction, so to speak. Upon seeing the winter jacket, look where she went.

Really enthusiastic about her costume, don't you think?

 I should have known better. This girl can’t be bulldozed into changing her mind, once she made it up, well, if you are really really willing to bargain, cajole, plead, bribe, employ positive re-enforcement, enforce positive re-enforcement, she just might change it for you, but I tell you, you have to expect you’ll be hoarse by the time you’re done. This is really just the result of how we suck as first-time parents, but we are aware of our ‘short-comings’ and we are making progress, parenthood is a working progress, parents are working progress too. I just hope with a lot of consistency, a lot of patience  and most importantly a whole lot of loving, we’ll be able to guide this head-strong little girl into a bright young woman someday.

Anyhow, she listens to her Pa, most of the time anyways (thank God for small blessings), so we were able to put this on her.

Heads down, smile upside down too. She's one happy girl!


On the day of the UNO culmination activity, I would have liked it if Ayana and the 2 nannies will just stay at home but then dear huband wants to bring the entire family, if not the entire house to said activity, I was doubly worried/anxious. Mikaela’s unpredictable enough, throw in some more unpredictable factor who is Ayana, it will be a field day. And the really brilliant Papa who suggested to bring the whole troop was late. He was attending a training in the office he said he’d be at the mall 12:30. The program will start at 1pm.

We arrived about an hour before the program begins (yes, 2 kids, 2 nannies and 1 uncle). The tradehall was not opened yet, we stayed at a french fries stall. So when the hall opened, we are ready to move and find the nicest seats inside the venue. This is when Mikaela decided she will not enter the said hall. After a lot of bargaining and subtle questioning and thrown in a lot of hugs and assurances, she said, “I don’t want to go inside, the door will be closed down on me”. What the? Where did she got this phobia? A movie? At school? Someone bullying her? Perhaps someone locked her inside a room? She is really terrified. No kidding. She was geniunely and honestly terrified the door will be closed down on her. I tried calling her Pa, but she doesn’t want me to call her Pa, she knows her Papa will scold her and tell her to get her act together. She doesn’t even want to go near the door and accompany me get the bags, and tell the troop that we are going home. I was resigned and ready to go home by the way. But dear husband wanted us to wait for him.  She was so scared that she hid under the table and gripped the lone leg of one circular table. It bothered me so much to see her scared stiff.

Ayana by the way is having the time of her life running about. Then I found there is a rubber pool with fishes for foot massage. Or at least that’s what I think. I got to lure Mikaela and convinced her to let go of her death grip on the table leg.

Saving Grace - Fishes. This is about 20 steps from the venue entrance, a little more distraction and I just might get her inside.

 We are not going home at least not for the moment. They were enchanted by the fishes. Mikaela wanted some lollipop, primarily because her little sister is licking one. I told her let’s get it together inside since the lollipops are inside our bags. This is as far as she gets.

This is as far as she can get, 2 steps from the door.

She doesn’t want to join. She doesn’t want to wear her costume. She doesn’t want to go inside.

Then came my second saving grace, her bestbud, Krystle Dawn. Magically, she wanted to change and wear her sash. Yes! I was moving double time, she might change her mind. Krystle Dawn’s parents were very cool and waited for us to finish before going forward to the stage area. They were holding hands. Oh, by the way, dear husband is still not around this point in time. Grrr..

The power of girl friends. Krystle Dawn is with the Venezuela sash.

And here she is goofing. But my agony did not end here. After the novelty of staying in front of the stage, she wanted to go out, the door might be closed down. I said no, it won’t,  I already informed Pitcher Princess.  She then said, she is scared of the orange heads on the stage.

See the orange heads?

About this time I know I need a break. I took off the dress, the sash whilst Ayana was shoving handful popcorns in my mouth. I went to the comfort room and for the second time that day, I am more than happy to go home. Thankfully, husband arrived just in time. After some pep talk,  Mikaela changed back into her costume minus the winter jacket (from last night), she doesn’t want to wear it. Husband conceded as long as she wears the head-gear I bought for her.

Mikaela's official South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (UK) costume

She performed and had a great time on stage. We are so happy.

Ready to Perform. On stage, 2nd to the LEFT. Waving to her Pa. She's such a Papa's girl.

 Behind the scenes pics.

Asleep - Right about when the program started she slept. One supportive sister. That she is.

Supportive Sister. Actually she slept on her Ate's performace. She loves popcorns.

She knows I love her.

BTW, we finally figured out when her terror of gates/doors closing down on her started. It was when we left them on a playhouse, Mikaela, Ayana and the 2 nannies. Ayana pooped and Joan(trusted nanny) had to go out to change her diapers, the thing is the stupid nanny 2 just left Mikaela inside the playhouse without fully explaining she will be back shortly because she need to pee. The playhouse staff did not let Mikaela go out and locked down the gate/door on her. She was terrified she was left alone. The nanny was already not with us so to speak and I am not letting them inside a playhouse without me at least.

There. I told you this is long.  Sorry.

The Door.


5 thoughts on “UNO Culmination 2011

  1. I hope your daughter gets over her fears. I’m sure you are trying your best. One of my sisters is wondering how earth she will deal with her little son when he is in part-time daycare. He is very attached to Daddy and is ferocious in being with a parent and not left alone.

  2. Oh that Ayana! She’s got my husband’s timing of falling asleep when the show’s starting. Ugh! Glad Mikaela found the courage to go through with it – this age (4 -5yrs) they have these sudden terrors over things they’ve been doing fine until now. The toughest part is figuring it out. Love the leggings!

  3. @Jean : I hope every little children and the not so young, will get over any of their debilitating fears.

    @Bridget :Yes it stinks. Last Tuesday night we rushed Ayana to the ER, her wheezing was at its worst. The IV, the drawing of blood just sucks. If only I could do it for her. So sad.

    @Nami : It is probably hereditary too! Ayana got that from her Pa. You’re right, I was really at a loss why and where the phobia started. I really hope she’ll get over it somehow, someday.

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