Where was I?

I definitely wasn’t in Belize like Bridget who I bet will have tons of posts about her escapades.

I was super busy the last 2 weeks of October and by November, the largest volume of workloads,  for my team came in. The biggest by far this year. Suffice it to say that I employed the F word a couple of times (yes, only about a couple of times, okay, trice.  I don’t swear.  Ever.) and that my hyper-acidity made a really nice comeback. Sucks! Big. Time.

There is a lull on the pressure now, I will probably write a rant about it but don’t take my word for it, I am a lazy blogger.

The shorthand on the happenings of my-so-called life (which doesn’t really merit much attention unless you are one of the people in the blogosphere who loves me),

  • Mikaela’s UNO culmination activity
  • How after 2 years and short of 2 weeks we finally were able to wean Ayana Rhys from “the boob”
  • The company Family Week – UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD’S EMOTIONS and BEHAVIOR seminar
  • The company Family Week – Dependents’ Day Trick or Treat activity
Thanks again to my regular readers and to those who stumbled on my really humble blog page recently and commented, thank you. To my silent friend readers linked over FB, thank you too.
Special mentions

3 thoughts on “Where was I?

  1. Wow ! For you to use the F word must’ve meant something !!! Thanks for the mention ! Always here for you 🙂 And will be acknowledging the Versatile blogger award shortly…:)

  2. Now that you’ve used the F-bomb…doesn’t it feel GREAT? How do I say – it’s like Ohmmmmm – only invigorating. What is hyper-acidity, by the way? Is it like running out of beer – ha, ha, ha.

    Thanks for the special mention – you’re so cool!

  3. @Grace : It is a very stressful time. Thanks Grace, you are so sweet! I’m happy to have found you here and connect.

    @Nami : Yep, it is! INVIGORATING! 🙂 I don’t know how close running out of beer with hyperacidity is, hahahaha, as you know, I am such a loser when it comes to alcoholic beverages. My liver can only take as little as .05% alcohol content, 1 small bottle, and I’m done for. *I know Bridget and you are probably snickering now.* hahahaha!

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