Rules, suggestions?

I know you’ve had your share of organizing events and I know you’ve met your own “deviants” too, you know the kind that take rules, guidelines as suggestions? Yes. Them.

If you’ve read my earlier post , you already know we have several activities lined up and one of these is the photo contest. The guidelines were simple: one employee, one entry, the file should be in .jpeg/jpg format and must not exceed 1MB and you must send said entry to *insert my email addy here*, picture must be your recent family picture, together, emphasis on together and of course it must speak loudly, genuinely and creatively of a family strengthened by love and good values.

And then,

I got ppt files, 4MB pictures, 3 pictures from one employee, 2 pictures, and there were those “mis-sent”,  sent to the HR person who sent the invitation to all employees and not to me.  What the heck!? What was so damn difficult and complicated about the above rules? *Goes back and re-read the guidelines* Nothing. Tsk. tsk. We are an engineering center, the best in the Philippines and I got these? Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate these “rule-breaking beings”, I’m friends with 50% of them, but it does make me pause, scratch my head and ponder, why again? And of course they give me something to blog about.

I’ve volleyed back and forth some possible reasons in my head like :

Reason number 1 : They haven’t read the message. But this doesn’t really hold. They’ve sent their entry/entries, ergo they have read the email sent to all, except maybe for those who have “mis-routed/mis-sent” their emails, perhaps reason number 2 holds.

Reason number 2 : They’ve read the email but they decided to skip some parts and selectively just zeroed in on some important words relevant to their personal circumstance and or opinion. This is most likely.

Reason number 3 : They’ve read the email carefully and then decided to just go ahead and disregard the guidelines after some quick deliberation on some plausible explanations why they have to “deviate” from the said guidelines. We are engineers after all.

So there, I may have missed some reasons, friends, care to share? Sound off in the comment board. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Rules, suggestions?

  1. Sounds like Reason #03 all the way. Have you heard the saying, “The toilets in a plumbers house are always broken”? It goes the same with hairdressers – all the busy ones have messy hair. I managed a salon for six years and had my hair cut a total of six times!

    Instead of “engineer” geared instructions, perhaps you should have written it like a baking recipe? In any case – good luck.

  2. I love the line where you said that you’re friends with 50% of these “deviants”…hehe!
    I think all 3 reasons are valid. Does make you realize that there’s truth to the words, “Rules are meant to be broken…”

  3. @Nami : Your idea might actually work!
    1. Prepare all your family pictures
    2. Look at them one by one.
    3. Mixed in the 10-year-ago taken photographs…… blah…blah.. 😉

    @Grace : Hahaha! Yes, most of the deviants probably thinks “hey, i’m friends with the organizer”, then heads off and just throw me their picture/s.

    @Tricia: Thank you Ms. Tricia for dropping by. 😉 I got it! BULLETS, LOTS of white SPACE, ALL CAPS, BOLD on some words and it should be phrased like a baking recipe of Bridget’s!! 😉

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  5. You just mentioned “guidelines” instead of rules. Maybe if there are consequences to breaking these rules (eg disqualification), they would have followed more closely. 🙂

    • Badardo!! Yay! How are you? Are you ready to be a surrogate-uncle now that Tin is pregnant? 😉

      Rules! Why didn’t I think of that? 😉 But I seriously doubt, it would make a difference.. 🙂

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