Family Week 2011

Family Week 2011 tarp

Heya all!

Last week was a busy week. Another reason to laze up on blogging. 😉

 Anyhow, I do have at least one legitimate albeit not weighty enough reason of not posting much last week, preparation for our company’s Family Week!

I mentioned I’ve worked for the same company going on 9 years now and  one of the things I love about ‘this’ company aside from finding dear husband here and notwithstanding the outdated medical benefits is, the programs and activities that involve the family! I am one of the *ahem* energetic member of the Health and Family Welfare committee. We have several committees, one involving security and loss, environmental committee (they do coastal clean-ups and tree planting), 5S committee, emergency response and of course the health and family welfare committee (I think I may have missed on one or two). We have several clubs too, photography, badminton, tennis, runners, football, glee/choir club to name some. We are a relatively close-knit of a company in my opinion, as of counting I think we are around 600++ associates.

Anyhow, the highlight for this week’s activities is the DEPENDENTS’ Day on Friday October 28. I don’t know exactly how this evolved (I think this started out as a birthday sort of blow-out of one American director before, not so sure, will get back to you on this) and we try to make this a yearly event but during the recession, we didn’t have one. The main purpose is for our dependents’, meaning our kids are given a chance to visit/see where their parents work and what and how they work. Pretty cool, right? Typically the age bracket starts at 4 to 12 years old, I think. Last year the director suggested we have to make a little twist and have our dependents’ experience being an employee for a day, so it was an all adult and a grade schooler thing. It was a success! This year we are bringing again, cuteness thus the 2-7 year old group, there will be lots of activities and yep, trick or treat!

 The activities :
Monday – Promoting Family Dinner together
Tuesday – We Are A Family photo contest (slide show of the is shown at the canteen during lunchtime
Thursday – Video showing featuring short films about the family (redundant much, I know)
Friday – Dependents’ Day!
Will be posting some more about this celebration. 🙂 Be back promise!

8 thoughts on “Family Week 2011

    • Unfortunately Grace I wasn’t able to attend said seminar. Fortunately there were a lot willing to share their learnings. I’ll try to write about it as soon as I can. It was a busy week and this week’s even crazier.

  1. First of all, NINE years is a super long time to be with a company. They must be super cool employers. Any company that promotes having children see where their parents work is smart, if you ask me.

    Sounds like you’ll be having a grand ol’ time.

    • Yup it is quite amazing Nami. In fact the company awarded some employees for their 20th anniversary last year. The company is far from ideal but it is good enough for me apparently. 🙂

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