Picture Tuesday : Happy 2nd Birthday Yana!

Yesterday was Ayana’s 2nd birthday! We opted to not have a PARTY party, just us, family and a simple dinner. On the upside, we have a new refrigerator and a new videoke player. Yay! 🙂

The Birthday Girl tippy toes and all


Kaela and Yana who's trying her best to keep her hair in place, stupid electric fan.


She's wearing her new crocs sandals to school, just this one time. Promise. She's a big showoff!

 We are Catholic. The Cebu province’s patron is Sto. Niño, so we make it a point to say thank you by visiting the church and paying homage to the child Jesus on the 2 kids birthdays. The thing is, the picture below doesn’t show how stressed we (dear husband and I) were, when Mikaela said she wanted to pee just when we joined the fast becoming long queue of devotees waiting their turn on veneration, and when Ayana demanded she’ll drink milk NOW, which means from my *breasts*, yes, she still drinks milk from me every time I am around.

At Sto. Niño de Cebu paying homage, saying thank you while attempting to prevent a major Ayana meltdown.

Next stop is to pray some more by lighting a candle outside of the basilica which coincidentally near where the comfort rooms are. So when I asked Mikaela if she wanted to pee already, she said NO. WTH? What’s with this girl? After much prodding, she and his fast becoming irritated father went to the loo. Empty bladder and with another wind of energy, she then proceeded to blow out all the candles she can, to my utter horror. See her determined stride? She’s on the lookout for another round of candle blowing. Good thing it’s the middle of the day and not the usual crowded time. Ayana the birthday girl, tried her best to pry some melted wax was off the holder.

Papa and his mindless girls.


Happy Birthday cake + balloons + loot bags

Happy birthday Yana!

10 thoughts on “Picture Tuesday : Happy 2nd Birthday Yana!

  1. Oh my, Ayana is so cute…it hurts my eyes ! 🙂
    It makes sense that she wanted to blow out all the candles outside the basilica…it is her birthday, after all 🙂 Happy Birthday, Ayana !

  2. Oh, Happy Birthday, Ayana!

    Church or church-like services have that affect on kids. My boys sing happy birthday every time the monk lights incense. It’s embarrassing.

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