Umbrellas and Phlegm

So what do two girls do on a rainy stormy morning? (Cebu is placed under Signal No. 1 for the tropical storm RAMON, which is scheduled to pass us today)

Ayana Rhys:

  • Sit beside Papa and  have my first nebulizing session of the day while watching MULAN 2. (She’s been having a bad spell of cough, pediatrician won’t label her asthmatic yet, since this is her first time to have been afflicted seriously, the wheezing was really bad two weeks ago, we even seriously considered rushing her to the ER one midnight.  Anyhow, she’s recovering now.) 

Mikaela’s plan is this:

  • Wake up really late. Wait until Papa is hoarse trying to wake me up and then wake up, take a bath, demand leggings, any sandals, shirt, blouse or dress will do as long as there’s leggings in the mix. Go to school. 

The morning was pretty straight-forward hassle-free okay huh? Wait until these two is within 1 meter of each other.

Being the stupid oblivious Mama that I am, I haven’t realized that preschool classes is automatically suspended when Signal No. 1 is raised (the higher the number, the stronger the wind and the rain). So Mikaela and Joan, the nanny, came right back home and then Mikaela on the door announced,

“Ma, wala mi klase kay wala kamata si Pitcher!” 

“Ma, we don’t have class because Pitcher wasn’t able to wake up!”.

Perfectly logical reason. Right? Right.

Mikaela, aside from being the obstinate, meltdown princess that she is, have a competitive streak which activates only if her little sister is on her radar range. She then sat down beside Ayana, who is sitting beside her Pa holding her nebulizer mask over her nose and mouth. The imp then stealthly squeezed, crowded and compressed her helpless, unsuspecting little sister. This is Mikaela’s typical MO :  furtive, don’t-do-anything-until-nobody’s-looking. Oh and before you invest all your symphaties on Ayana, she’s more cunning and sneaky  in her attacks actually, I’ll elaborate on some future post. Suffice it to say, between these two, Mikaela almost always comes out crying. So, the playing field is pretty even.

While dear husband was sewing my umbrella, one edge of the pointy thing and the thread unraveled, (Bridget this is what I’m talking about, it rained last night and he noticed the “defect” he is kind of OC on things that needs repairing) Mikaela had the brilliant idea of playing house using all the umbrellas we have. She then collected all throw pillows (because kids love to throw these things and use it to whack siblings with) and then stopped, called out to me and pointed at something suspiciously like tiny sticky phlegm. Upon close inspection, it is tiny sticky phlegm.

Me : Ayana! Imuha ni? “Ayana, is this yours?”

Ayana : *looks me straight in the eyes and proceeded to just move both eyebrows up and down, rapidly, twice*

 She can really be one gross baby sometimes.

The Phlegm - This is Ayana's way of letting us know she'd been a good girl and spitting out as many phlegm as her mouth and lungs can.


Find the "P" Kid.


14 thoughts on “Umbrellas and Phlegm

  1. Ha, ha! “Gross Baby”! That’s like “Ugly Bride” or “Smart Politician” – you would just never put those two words together.

    Poor Ayana! I hope the doctor fixes that diagnosis soon. It’s not normal to have to go to the Emergency Room for her to breathe. Good luck with that…and the umbrella. He is a “dear” husband to fix it for you. Mine would say, “What do you need an umbrella for, use your hat.”

    • Ha! Smart-ass husband!
      As for my “dear” husband, he can really do all the household-chores. It’s the reason really why I married him. 😉 He can do laundry, cook, sew, clean the toilet perfectly, do the worrying on the repainting the house, etc. He’s categorically the wife in our equation.

    • Hey B! Yep, mail away! But of course there would be no guarantee it will reach us, what with the Philippine postal system? Let’s cross our fingers.

      The phelgm is really kind of cute, really, 😉 How gross can this sentence get?

  2. extreme cuteness!

    I have 3 daughters. They are obessesed with making tents and sleeping anywhere but their beds.

    Thanks for finding me and commenting at both places. BTW, my family is funny, loud, and happy. That picture you my wife and me and my 15 year old is ironic. We’re never quiet and brooding.

  3. Ava, that phlegm photo was truly gross. But I think it’s just one of things that’s sure to come up when my twinlets get older…
    But I do love her response to you with her eyebrows…bahahaha ! Clever. Very clever 🙂

    • Hi Grace. Yes it is gross. Let’s see where and how the twinlets define gross in the coming months.
      Oh and the eyebrow thing, she is a whiz on letting them speak in her behalf.

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