5 Things

I just started blogging this January and what a fun experience it still is. I’ve met a lot of interesting people from different ethnicity and continents. I am honored to be awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by one very special person too, check her out on this post I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

The Versatile Blogger Award

As mandated by the rule on accepting this prestigious award, I have to share 5 things back and then pass the award to 5 others.

So,I hope these 5 things are just the right peek about me to perk your interest and compel you to visit and drop me a line or two here, once in a while.

1. I am half of a fraternal twin set (girls) and I married 1 of a set of identical triplets named Michael I, Michael II and Michael III. I married Michael I.

2. I love movie spoilers. I like knowing the highlights if not the whole plot of the movie I am about to see, to fully appreciate all the dialogues and the lines. I hate to miss something on the face, on the acting, on the plot. I am like this with movies. But not with books though.

3. I am partial anal-retentive, I can memorize the car plate number of friends, I can remember almost all birthday of my friends highschool/college, I can even remember their middle names. When the mobile phone is not yet so popular and when I am still so poor to buy one (finally able to buy one by scraping up school allowance), I know all the mobile numbers of my closest friends, all eleven digits of them. But now, I digress on memorizing mobile numbers, I can still memorize my best friends’ number, mine and my husband’s though.

4. I have a list of my menstrual cycle since 1998 to present. Read : Partial. Anal-retentive. Person. I say partial because I don’t think I’m not that obssessive with lists and files, just partly. Emphasis on partly. 

My menstrual cycle list. And yes, that's the Danielle Steele books I've read on the upper left corner there.

5. I suck on Mathematics, who doesn’t right? So when I passed and qualified for a National Scholarship grant (Department of Science and Technology scholarship), I chose Engineering to conquer my fear of numbers. I found out Math is just a matter of practice-solving all exercises on the books and some more practice and diligent studying when periodical tests comes and part memorizing endless formulas, which by the way, you can store on an expensive high-end calculator, in case you blanked-out on the actual exam day. Unfortunately, I found out, my degree doesn’t matter really much in my lifetime career of motherhood.

So there.

On to my 5 blog reads, this in according to the order of my stumbling upon their fabulous blog sites. Go check them out! Now.

Twinisms – She’s a mom of 2 sets of twins, I’ve first come acrossed her when she was featured in Freshly Pressed. From that moment on, I find I have to have my dose of twinisms before I officially start working. She has a way of telling things hilariously and she keeps witty, diverse, interesting blog friends too!

Musings of Mama Grace – Grace is Indonesian-born Aussie-bred. She’s mom to 2 active twin boys and wife to an avid surfer. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese. If this doesn’t convince you yet, my fellow kababayan Filipinos, she’s a self-confessed karaoke queen! There.

Stupid Ugly Foreigner – Mike is a Canadian teaching ESL in South Korea. I also stumbled upon his site when he was Freshly Pressed. He’s someone who is generally incapable of getting a post in under 1000 words. Follow him on his very insightful funny adventures on the Korean culture.

The Fire Horse – I first noticed this mom of 2 adorkable boys via  Bridget of twinisms above. Her dry wit is just refreshing. I’ve been back reading all her blog posts since then. She has a knack of describing picture riotously! And from her I learned the cool word, evisceration. Top that! 

Ooopss! No number 5, the spot is up for grabs! 🙂


10 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. Wow! Thanks for the mention – I feel like Sally Field at the Academy Awards…”You like me! You really like me.”

    Look – in such a short time, you’ve brightened up a lot of lives with your blog. Keep up the posts, I’ll be hanging around.

  2. Ok, that menstrual cycle journal is hilarous. Why? Do you use it? I have this picture in my head of you flipping through the pages like a diary, “Oh yes…that was a memorable period.” You crack me up Ava!

    • Bwahahaha! Right back at you Bridget! You know you really are funny, you put a spin on things uniquely funny. Hahahaha! Seriously though, I kept it to predict when my next period will be, pretty useful when there are events like school intramurals, weddings or funerals for that matter and that way no surprises. Pretty cool eh? Now I have downloaded a cool app on my fon, it’s used for really serious matters as natural birth control method. Serious matters. 😉

  3. You are another Filipino woman who majored in engineering. I worked for a large engineering construction project a few yrs. ago in Vancouver area. I knew 3 different ex-pat. Filipino women who all did engineering.

    Ok, unlike you I don’t track my cycle (not the bike riding) like you do. 🙂 If anything, I’m always amazed how some women can cite the exact day it will start.

    Nah. But then life is just getting easier for me..since I’m older (old enough). You can guess.

    Unlike you, I disliked math. The engineering degree/diploma may help you later..in terms of analytical skills when you return to work outside of home. You never know.

    (By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog(s)!)

  4. Hi Ms. Jean. Hahaha! We do track different cycles yeah? 🙂 I am also about the same “amazed” on women who can make it alive a whole day wearing those thin and very high high heels shoes as you are amazed about women who can cite the exact first day of their cycle.

  5. You decided to do engineering to conquer your fear of Maths ???!!! Oh my, Ava…my respect for you just went up by a trillion !
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to thank you for this award !!!
    I will humbly accept and link back to you in your honour 🙂
    Again, thank you !

  6. You are welcome Grace-ie.. 🙂
    Oh and about the Mathematics thing, it’s not a big deal, I haven’t even renewed my license for the simple fact that I am not practicing my profession in the actual field.
    I am still more impressed with cool blogger moms like you!

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