Rain rain go away

It’s raining, again, today. Well, it is October after all.

In my part of the world, this would mean, there’s a typhoon lurking, coming, happening or going, the rainy season starts on July but usually typhoons come in droves by October and November.  According to Mr. Wikipedia, the Philippines sits astride the typhoon belt, so it’s no wonder really.

We have two official seasons, the wet and the dry season, but if we get specific, it can be divided into three. The wet or rainy season is on the months of June to October, then there’s the cool season, this, really is relative because it can be cool/dry meaning no typhoon or typhoons, and it can also be cool/wet, ergo with rain, wind and if we get lucky a super tropical typhoon thrown in the mix. Then there’s the hot or dry season, summer if you may, which is on March, April and May.

I haven’t thought about how “usual” typhoons for us are, until last week when our German counterparts sent us an e-mail checking if we are okay and if we are affected by the typhoon Pedring (international name is Nesat) and also when I got a message from Bridget, one of the funniest and sincerest mom blogger I’ve met, if my family and I are okay.

So friends in the blogosphere, a shoutout to my newest friend Nami, whose dry-wit-humour is just something else, Cebu is spared from the latest typhoon. Unfortunately for our countrymen in Luzon, they were hit so bad.

Cebu, Philippines

 In my 31 years of living in Cebu, I have so far, experienced two unforgettable typhoons, one on 1984, Typhoon Nitang, international code name Ike, I was only four, but the memory I had of it was one of great joy because the only thing I can remember is the wondrous time my cousins and I had, playing with the uprooted trees the day after. Well, I was four, four is, what can I say, but a worry-free age. The other one was of Typhoon Ruping, also known as Mike and this was on 1990, I was ten.

We evacuated at my Aunt’s concrete house among some other families who have lost homes and livelihood in an instant. I remembered looking out the window and seeing how our humble house with the “nipa” roof fought valiantly with the unforgiving rain and wind and then miserably failed. It was a sobering sight for the then, ten-year-old me. I also remembered thinking, mother nature does not discriminate, she lashes out at anything and anyone on its path, it’s terrifying, like a woman scorned.

Now, I usually don’t mind the typhoons unless of course Cebu will be on its direct course. The thunders are still a bit disconcerting though, I still shudder when caught unawares, my Grandma (God rest her soul) used to tell me it’s just God bowling. It’s a scary bowling sound to my two kiddos. Unless we’ll move to New York or Anchorage? Are the thunders scary-sounding there too?



5 thoughts on “Rain rain go away

  1. I’m so glad you are all ok. My thoughts are with everyone else who was affected.

    My parents used to say thunder was God bowling too!! Your kids would love Anchorage, there is almost no thunder here. I’ve been here 2 years and only heard it once! Seriously, lots of the kids friends have never heard it or seen lightening…crazy right?

    As long as you aren’t afraid of snow and 18 hours of darkness Anchorage is the place to be!

  2. Being from a country not far from yours, I understand how awful these natural disasters can be. Glad to hear you’re all safe and well. And I’m sorry to hear about those affected.
    We used to get typhoons in Japan all the time.
    And I think Australia has it pretty good in that respect. We just bushfires instead…
    I would love to visit Cebu one day 🙂

  3. I haven’t been to Asia yet. But here in Canada, I’ve experienced high wind, freezIng cold blizzards and lots of snow and ice.

    So a typhoon sounds like a heart-stopping windstorm with possibiity of flooding.

    You have cute daughters and must work hard being a good mother to them.

    • Hi Ms. Jean. Yes it is that. I hope you get to come visit any Asian country in the future, the summer months is about the best time to come visit.
      Thanks for the compliment, I work hard on being a good mother er most of the time. 😉

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