Picture Tuesday

I am really a lazy blogger. To force me to post at least weekly, I’ve decided to adopt a weekly theme like that of Bridget’s Bite This and Mama Grace’s Wordless Wednesday.

So I’ve decided naming it Picture Tuesday. Picture because my creative juices have all run dry I cannot think of a single witty catchy word/phrase to save my life, (I’ve been checking tons of Volvo wire harness prints for the past 2 weeks, so give me some slack please), and then Tuesday because, this is usually a not so busy day for me. Mondays are a drag, Fridays are just usually crazy (my German counterparts mostly put all freeze dates, release dates on a Friday).

So, here it is, (*drumroll*) ting-di-di-ding….

Some of Mikaela's leggings, happy drying up, the owner is even happier, they are almost all ready to wear again and again and again...


8 thoughts on “Picture Tuesday

    • Yes, she still is. Obsessed is the word. *sigh* I can’t get her to wear any other clothes. She’ll wear shorts that is if she has leggings on first, same still with the uniform.

  1. She’s only got two legs! Hope you bought stock in leggings. Ha, ha.

    Finding blog post topics can be difficult. When in a jam, post about farting, that cookie you shouldn’t have ate and annoying things your mother said. It’s endless info.

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