September Stupidities

So, we are halfway done with September and I wasn’t even able to do a single post yet! Sad. Been real busy when “she” (by this I mean, the month September), came in. Until know, still busy.

Michael arrived home on the 1st, after a 3-month stint/support at Lear Australia (Melbourne). He had been supporting the same program/platform, the new Ford Truck T6,  he’s a Systems Engineer and I think this was his 4th visit to the beautiful city of Melbourne.

The first 2 days of September had been harrowing for me. I already filed for a vacation leave on the 1st and the 2nd. Michael’s family also came over from Mindanao. It turned out, I have to report to work half day on the day Michael is to arrive, to tie up some loose ends for the weekend. Before I left the office I checked the departure time of dear husband’s flight. It departed on time so I expect it will also be arriving on time 11:30pm. From Melbourne to Hongkong and then Hongkong to Cebu, Philippines.

So, I picked up the 2 kids, 1 nanny, Michael’s mom and Michael III (my husband is Michael I). Here comes stupidity number 1.

We arrived at the airport and then proceeded on the Domestic arrival area. Yes, you read it right. Domestic. Not International. Stupid me.  If it wasn’t for Ayana and Joan (the nanny) walking over a ramp, I would have missed my excited-to-see-his-kids-and-wife husband on the other side of the airport waiting for his welcome entourage. Waaah!

As “gift” my husband promised to buy me a new mobile phone, a smart one (like me!) at that. So for months I’ve been drooling over the new Samsung Galaxy S2. Finally, last week, I, sorry, Michael bought me one. Yay! So the stupidity came in the next morning, when an associate of mine called to inform me he will not be able to report to work. It took 3 missed calls before I was able to figure out how to answer the calls!  Again, stupid me. I even thought my phone is with factory defect! Stupider. I know. It was only on the fourth call when dear husband suggested that I try swiping the phone icon to answer it.

Then one of the highlights of having the husband back is doing grocery together. So there was I walking and looking for things to pick since I stupidly left the grocery list whilst trying to not let Ayana see me go, and Michael pushing the cart, when stupidity number 3, happened. I stubbed my left pinkie toe on the wheel of the cart. It hurt. A. Lot. Some part of the nail came off. Told you it did hurt. I tried downplaying it off and instead of getting sympathy from my sweet partner, he just told me “Ma, membro jud gihapon ka diay sa mga dalagang danghag”, translation to my English-speaking blogger friends, “Ma, you’re still a member of the clumsy adolescents club”.  Well, technically, I’m not a teenager anymore so that “half”, negates the statement. As to the “clumsy” part I could not even bat a decent argument for this allegation. 😉

Happy September everyone!



6 thoughts on “September Stupidities

  1. Happy September, indeed! Ouch to the pinky toe. My mother-in-law used to do that all the time with the exercise weights – so she gave them to me. Now I do the same thing. It must be the weights. Just like, it must be the shopping cart.

    And smart phones? They’re not so smart. Mine won’t even take phone calls until 11 am when it decides to work. Ha, ha!

  2. You poor thing! I forget my grocery list on a fairly regular basis. Usually I call back home and have the kids take a picture of it and email it to me. It’s really the only reason I actually NEED a smart phone!!

    • Smart solution Bridget! But, I then would have to wait for Mikaela to be at least 6 or 7, to do this. Sigh. Appreciate the thought though. Thank you for taking time to drop by. 🙂

  3. Oh, man ! That accident with your pinky toe sounds really, really painful !
    Don’t worry – as you know, I’m 40 and still very clumsy. It’s one of those things that will stick with you for, I’m afraid to say, a lifetime 🙂 Happy September, though !

    • Hello Grace, I am really a selective scatterbrain. I am good at memorizing numbers, cellphone numbers, carplate numbers, etc. But in other things I suck admittedly. 🙂 Happy September back to you too! Thanks for the comment. I’m happy to see that 3 of my favorite bloggers are dropping by my humble site. It really is nice to receive a comment even a single line or word.

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