Remember Her Obsession with Leggings?

Yes, this is yet another Mikaela obssessed-on-wearing-her-leggings story. Checkout my earlier post to understand this rant fully here

I am really hoping to wean her on her leggings and the school uniform habit. So, 2 weeks ago, when she still insisted on wearing her leggings over her pajamas to bed, I (ahem), using my very authoritative voice, called her and told her, we need to talk.

Me : Mikaela, if you insist on wearing your leggings to bed now, tomorrow you will not be wearing leggings to school.

Mikaela : *whines* eeeeeehhh.. (the whine started really low and then ended up pitch high, very irritating, I tell you)

Me : No, you have to choose, wear your leggings tonight and you will have no more leggings to wear tomorrow at school. OR, you will wear your pajamas now and tomorrow you’ll have one leggings to wear at school.

Mikaela : *whines some more and then said, albeit reluctantly* I’ll wear my leggings tonight. *pouts*

So, that night she wore the last of her clean leggings. Come Thursday morning, I reminded her of our deal the other night, and thankfully she went to school on her uniform, minus the leggings. Then the next morning Friday, Mikaela went legging-less to school. Yay! Two days in a row without leggings! Yes! I started bragging about the baby steps progress on operation “Leggingless Mikaela” to my office mates at lunch.

Monday morning, she asked for her usual leggings!

Me : (Breathes deeply and said) I thought we made a deal last week, you will not be wearing your leggings with your uniform anymore.

Mikaela : Ate Joan ( her/our live-in nanny/helper) washed all my dirty leggings yesterday, there are a lot of fresh clean leggings now that I can wear.


Apparently, Joan reasoned last week that she cannot wear anymore leggings because all of them are in the laundry basket/box. And this is the reason that resonated with her. She just selectively chose the reason that she can just workaround to serve her ultimate purpose of wearing her beloved leggings. ( I lost count already how many times I mentioned the stupid “l” word on this post and that I’m literally sick, hearing it )

So, there, to this date, she is still wearing her leggings she has a total of more than 10 pairs and I’m planning to buy new ones this weekend to replace the fast becoming ratty old ones.

 Check out the preschooler with the white/pink stripes leggings peeking out from under her uniform. 🙂

Check out the girl with the white/pink stripes leggings, yep! That's my Mikaela.


24 thoughts on “Remember Her Obsession with Leggings?

  1. this is just too cute! talk about one stubborn little girl who would go out of her way just to prove her fashion sense! LOL go mikaela! and go leggings! one kunsintodora tita here (sowi, can’t help it mommy kabang)…ahahahaha!

  2. Haha, so cute ! I could tell it was her before I got to the end of the post. I think it had something to do with her cheeky grin 🙂
    I agree with Bridget, she’s a smart one 😉

    • Thanks for dropping by Grace, if Mikaela smart = Mama Ava frustration, it gets me to wonder how would it be like to have a docile daughter but then life won’t be as interesting eh? And think of the blog post opportunities I’d lost. 😉 Happy weekend everyone!

  3. Oh, yes…have heard that about girls and their clothes. God bless you for making the effort to buy her new leggings and don’t be surprised if she’s over them just as soon as you rip off the price tag!

    • Lagi Cay. Mu ana dayon, “Kay tugnawon man ko Ma, magleggings lang ko.” Basta oi, this legging obsession has been a lot longer than we thought. We thought it was just a phase but look how things are now. Keep you posted! Take care in the UK! Regards to Ian.

  4. ‘my, mura ug naa koy duha ka leggings ni geli na all bright colors.. let me check it huh if she wants to wear it.. kay mura ug wa pa gyud ko kita nga iyang gi-wear to sukad.. i’ll give it to mikaela.. to spoil her more of her hobby. hihihi

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