Today’s my 31st birthday and coincidentally, my twin’s also! 😉 (trying hard to be funny ava!)  Yep, I have a twin sister (fraternal) and I married one of a set of triplets, so every time I get pregnant I get real excited (to Bridget of www.twinisms.com and Mama Grace www.mamagrace.com, this is really one of the reasons why I got drawn to your blogs aside from your really funny, witty personalities of course, I can well relate to your stories). So far, only single pregnancies at a time, thank God for small blessings! Imagine me carrying multiples in my 4ft 11inch, 86lbs frame. Go figure. So the “real excited” line above is actually 50% excitement and 50% terror. 😉

Back to the birthday day, the important people already greeted me. Man0y (a Filipino term for older brother, we are not really related by we are so tight that it feels we are more than blood relative) called me up at 2am and sang a very enthusiastic happy birthday song to me.  I thought it was 6am already but when I check my cellphone again, it was 2!  He was the first to greet me a happy birthday and really giddy over it and even bragged that he was the first to greet me in Facebook too! No wonder, he posted his greetings on Wednesday! Cheat! 🙂  He is one cool priest and he blogs too. Go check him out (www.stephencuyos.com). 

Mama and a lot of close friends texted and emailed their greetings. It is great to be loved!

Dear husband Michael called around 6am and tried to have a conversation with Ayana Rhys too. 😉

At the office, my trusty old team (Sweden/France support) have organized a lunch date which unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend (sorry guys) because of a six sigma training which I couldn’t miss. Lhadz, thank you for organizing!

So for most part of the day, I was in a conference room learning about Step 8 on the Six Sigma Process, running DOEs and Regression exercises on Minitab. 

I then checked on my Facebook account to say thank you to those who remembered and imagine my delight on finding this particular post.  A post from my twin sis Nanette.

Celebrating Birthdays with a Twin

Lame, but really sweet, yeah? 🙂

This is one perk being twins, during birthdays, you’ll always have someone to greet you a happy birthday! Ha! 🙂 There is always someone who will be thinking of you wherever you are. 

Happy birthday to us, indeed! 🙂


6 thoughts on “31st!

  1. Happy Birthday ! Sounds like you had a day full of love from all your family and close friends 🙂
    You never know about having twins…could happen, you know 🙂 And yes, thank God for small blessings but twins are also double blessings 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I missed it! I’m so sorry! I hope it was fabulous, for you and your twin!

    I think I knew you were a twin, but I didn’t know you married a trip! Yikes!!

  3. Got here too late to wish you a happy B-day, but with all good things in life – better late than never!

    Sounds like a lot of “fertilization” goes on in your family and the one you married into – do you have a lot of folks born the year of the rabbit/cat? Ha, ha, ha – little Asian astrology joke, there. – Nami

    • Bwahahahahaha! Yah, you can say that. Hmmm… I was born on the year of Monkey and husband is on the year of Ox. I don’t know with the year’s our parents are born though. Thanks for the greet still appreciate it.

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