Husband Quirk 101

Dear Husband busy @ work

Yesterday, I went about some of my journal/blogs way back 2005 and I thought I’d repost this. My dear husband Michael is on Melbourne now and we miss him terribly and he misses us doubly back if not triple ( is there a word triply?, pardon, English is not my mother tongue).


Yep! It’s true!

The person who said “you’ll never know the true personality of your husband until you live with them 24-7”, could have never been more right! Ha! Be ready for Michael idiosyncrasy 101. Let me share one eccentricity my husband has.

Pangga aka Gongging aka Michael, has this really annoying yet equally endearing funny quirk : he sings a few minutes after waking up. Yes, early in the morning when I expect the surroundings to be quiet, he sings anything that comes out of his mind, from the Pambansang Awit (Philippine National anthem), folk songs, religious songs, love songs, rock, pop to the suspiciously made up songs.. Waaah!!

What is more hilarious is that, he doesn’t really know any song’s complete, ACCURATE lyrics. (He bragged he knows “The Actor” complete lyrics because he used to play it on the guitar to his girlfriend before, but I have doubts.. hehe)

Yes and another yes, he mixes up correct words with made up ones. (“, I often, if not always, tell him to stop singing “Gongging, alingogngog ra kaayo ka!” (translation : Dear, you are TOO loud and annoying!) or the variation “Gang, saba ra kaayo ka!” (Love, you are excruciatingly noisy!) My lines exactly.

Now, 6 days short to our 8-months together as husband and wife, I’d say, my Michael knows me quite well already to the point that he oftentimes beat me in saying my “Gongging, alingongog ra kaayo ka!” line.

How could you get angry with wit and humour like that? Hehe How I love my candid, carefree Pangga.

Now 5 years, 7 months later plus 2 kids, I still love him to bits. We miss you dear! We love you! 23 more days to go and you’ll be home with us, literally counting the days.



4 thoughts on “Husband Quirk 101

  1. Hello ! Just thought I’d pop over after you came to visit my blog !
    I can imagine 3 months is a long time to be away from the love of your life. I hope the next 23 days fly by (and also, it’s very cold in Melbourne these days…I was there a week ago…brrrrrr !)
    Look forward to knowing you and your family through your lovely blog 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by Ms. Grace. Yes, it is very cold right now and to think he didn’t bring any “real” winter clothes, stupid husband! 😉 Just last night, he told me, if he can just go home today, he’ll be on the first flight out of Melbourne, but of course it’s just wishful thinking on his part. Good thing he’s busy with work, otherwise, he’ll go crazier, missing me and the kids.

  2. Yes Bridget, I’ve been meaning to write/post something about Michael being away from us but never did get around to doing it. Just being plain lazy on my part. I’m trying not to count how many days left till he’s with us again thinking that it will pass the days quicker but in reality it just drags (read: draaaaaaaaaaaaaaags) the days longer the more I think about it? Yeah, this is about how i feel right now. 😉

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