What Love Is.. Sarah Geronimo and Martin Nievera Cebu Concert

July 15 @ Cebu Waterfront Lahug

I watched the concert mainly to see Sarah do sing and dance acts like in ASAP.  What Love Is concert is a Valentine concert and they are touring the Philippines to do a repeat or repeats, more aptly. 🙂

I am not a big Martin ( i love some of the Martin hits though, Each Day With You, Forever and then some) fan, nor do I consider myself a Sarah fan but just this year I discovered how talented this Pop Star Princess Sarah is. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Geronimo)

I fell in love with Sarah when I saw her by chance do a number on ASAP (a Sunday noontime show in ABS-CBN with a sing/dance format),  a few months ago. She was doing the Love the Way You Lie song. What was truly amazing?  She did the Eminem rap with aplomb and I was really green with envy because she spewed out the rap lyrics clearly and she never did made a hitch on the rapping and with the lyrics. Amazing! Really. Amazing!

 I was there, glued to the tube and thinking, this girl can do a world-class performance!

And because of that, I got excited when my best friend Sha0i texted me if I’d like to see the concert she’s on her way to SM to buy the tickets, I said YES, please! 🙂

And also because of that episode, I tried real hard to master the Love the Way You Lie song, which unfortunately until now, I only can passably memorize the first part of the rap part. Sad! 😦

Back to the concert, when we arrived, there were plenty of vacant seats but after a while the venue filled up. It was a SOLD OUT concert. Thanks to some of my office mates (CE peeps,thanks again!), we were able to get inside the venue faster.

They started with a video showing some of prominent showbiz personalities answering/defining the question/phrase, What Love is.

The highlight for me was when Sarah finally did a dance/song routine, it would have been really great to see her perform Love the Way You Lie but then the Justin Bieber Somebody to Love, whetted my appetite. When this girl moves it’s like seeing Beyoncé and Michael Jackson combined. Such talent, I was thinking how would it be like to be her for just 1 minute? 🙂 Hahaha!

Their Endless Love duet was remarkable. The finale, a love song medley of their hits resonated well with the concert theme. Credit goes to Mr. Louie Ocampo also, their musical director.

For Martin, he started with  No Way to Treat A Heart, Kahit Isang Saglit, Ikaw (the video of various wedding preps, was a really really nice touch, it reminded me of my wedding day ), Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap, Say That You Love Me, You are my Song and Forever, countered by Sarah’s early hits, How Could You Say You Love Me, To Love You More (her winning piece when she won the Star for a Night contest that made her an instant celebrity)  and Forever’s Not Enough.

All in all, it was a very good concert.

Sarah is a humble superstar. She is. You can feel her sincerity. No wonder she is blessed.

Martin? He was a comic relief. With his considerable experience on the “love” department, he sang his Tagalog songs genuinely.

One teeny bit drawback was our seat location. We only got the bronze/general admission tickets (650Php) and we are on the left side of the stage (that is if you are facing the stage) and Sarah for some reason favors facing the right side of the crowd which means 88% of the time we only get to see her back and her right arm. Oh, well, as I’ve said, general admission tickets!


This was the last song that keeps on looping ( Martin’s No Way to Treat a Heart) when the concert’s done.

(Now/But) I know for sure
There really isn’t any cure
To ease the pain of a broken heart
If there’s any doubt,
Maybe we can work things out
Remember it was you who said forever

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