Spit Massage

Yes, you read it right! Spit as in saliva, the baby gooey kind of saliva massage. Ayana’s been giving me one for the past two nights.

It was my grand idea (you know, the kind that you really thought a brilliant idea at one time but when shit happens, when it actually does happen, it turned into a nightmarish kind of idea?) of bonding with my girls and to relieve some stresses in my life (ha! I’m going for melodramatic here). My back’s been bothering me lately, this comes with the co-sleeping and breastfeeding territory. Gone were the days of blissful uninterrupted sleep.

Back to the story.

Mikaela gamely asked for the massage oil (got this one from the Robinson’s supermarket chain) and I like the scent much, it’s eucalyptus, it is supposed to be “energizing”. Then I took off my shirt, laid on the bed and Mikaela generously poured, actually, more like empty the bottle on my back. Then the “massaging” began. 

Light gliding motion from little hands are soothing. Ayana’s hands noticeably left negligible pressure whatsoever on the kinks of my back. I requested Mikaela to punch, yes, punch for no better verb to describe what I want her to do. Then the whacking commenced. Mikaela whacked my back, open hand slapping really,  like there is no tomorrow, she enthusiastically did it more and stronger than I was aiming for her to do. Ayana also did her own version by pinching my back. Pinch, pinch, pinch she goes with her untrimmed, almost-a-month,  fingernails.  What was I thinking?? This grand idea is fast becoming a scene from the torture chambers of times past.

Then, it happened, Ayana spat on me. She spat on my back then rub the spit evenly. Ew!  I know, gross. She can be a one big small disgusting baby sometimes. Don’t they all? She has this spitting episodes lately. She spits when she’s done with peeing, she spits on her Ate Mikaela for no reason, she spits when done with her pooing.  

This sent me into sitting position in a flash. Solemnly telling her not to do it again, she just blinked her big round eyes on me and smiled.  Trusting that my 1-year-old and 8 month baby understood me, I resumed lying down. Then, she did it again, only this time she’s quicker on the “rubbing the spit on my back” part.  She’s one crafty baby, really she is.


7 thoughts on “Spit Massage

  1. As a mom I had to laugh out loud reading your story! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that I’m not the only mom out there with random messy bonding experiences! : ) Tamara

  2. Yeah, I kinda have to agree with Mikaela’s techniques there. Every good masseuse I’ve known, always spat into her hands but they did it sort of quietly.

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