Toilet Matters

My baby Ayana Rhys have this weird thing with toilet and food. She likes to eat her biscuit or any food inside the toilet/comfort room.

Well not really all the time, but when it happens she has something in her hands when it’s time for a bath, then she definitely will want to have that food with her inside the comfort room.

Arguing or persuading her otherwise will result to an all out scream “NOOOO!” 

My sweet-tempered little angel transformed into this little creature straight from the Gremlin’s movie.

Still, when for some reasons I get to wrestle her of the “food”, I count and savor all these precious triumphs over her baby steps to independence.

Toddlers and their efforts for autonomy.

Ayana Rhys and the Coco Krunch


4 thoughts on “Toilet Matters

    • Laya, I am back reading all your blog entries also! It sure is fun to meet someone from the island Philippines, I am enjoying your Oona and Olly tales much!

  1. That’s too funny. kids have no idea what is socially acceptable do they? It might be nice (aside from the gross out factor) if we were all more like that:)

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