I finally am able to convince her to wear her school uniform!

Today is a success! 🙂

I finally finally was able to convince/cajole/persuade/sweet-talk my strong-headed daughter with her weird typical almost 4-year-old fashion sense, to wear her school uniform.

Yes! *sigh of relief*

But this wasn’t without the battle of wills, preliminaries and a compromise.

Case in point:

Last Sunday, we finally got her 2 new sets of uniforms from the dressmaker. I was very excited, my sisters too. Definitely, Mikaela would look the cutest with her apple green uniform on.  Of course, most of the pre-schoolers would be excited and can’t wait to wear their school uniform but not my Mikaela.

My Mikaela?  She doesn’t do it “easy”.  Her Tita Nanette (my twin sister) talked her into trying her uniform and was ready to take her picture. Nanette is a grade school teacher and she is always good with the “convincing” part with little kids. And after a lot of verbal conditioning, praising, she was able to wear the uniform on Mikaela but with a lot of fussing and crying.  So, we took it off her.

Monday morning.

Mikaela’s “brand new” freshly pressed uniform hanged on the stair banister and her fisher price school shoes all shiny plus her white socks are all ready.

When she saw what she’s going to wear to school for the day. She had her characteristic Mikaela pigheadedness episode. She refused outright to wear the stupid uniform. She just wanted her leggings or her jeans. She loves her leggings to a point of obsession that she would always always want to wear it all the time. One time, she insisted on wearing her pink leggings and Barbie t-shirt for the 3rd day in a row. I draw the line on the 3rd day. Life is never simple with an almost 4-year-old.

My flustered, sick self, with the constant sneezing plus the watery eyes and the runny nose, don’t have any energy to battle it out with my daughter, early Monday morning and we are all running late.

So, I took the easy way out, I told her she won’t go to school today.

And instead of getting the strong protest ( in all fairness, she does love to go to school), that I expected, she just sit calmly and agreed.

I was defeated, I gave up. This does make me feel bad the whole day. It’s as if I failed being a parent but sometimes, the easy way out is the easy way out. Sometimes, we just have to sit back and go with the flow.

Oh well, you can never second guess this daughter which infuriates us and love her all the more in equal measures.

As parents, we know we have to be firm and consistent with her. Sometimes the easy way out is the easy way out.

Patience is the name of the game.

Today, she wore her uniform BUT, with her characteristic stubbornness, she also wore her hot pink leggings.



Well, this is as good as it gets.

All is well, I suppose, for now.

Good luck to us when she becomes a teenager.


15 thoughts on “I finally am able to convince her to wear her school uniform!

      • naay leggings si clarisse.. di man siya ganahan bang. mas moprefer siyag backless, shorts, and any sexy dress with flowers and princess.. hehe

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  2. You know, I always envied my friends who have little girls – there’s so many cute dresses and accessories for girls and all boys get are Power Rangers t-shirts. Then again, we almost never have a battle on WHAT to wear – boys don’t care, they wear their shirts backwards and the zipper on their pants open.

    You held your ground for as long as you could – your little Mikaela sounds like one tough cookie!

  3. Nami, thanks! Yes, it is a constant struggle. Now, I envy the mother’s of girls who love girly things too! All she want is her leggings. Leggings to school, leggings at home, leggings during bedtime and leggings when going out. *Sigh*

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