Overheard – A Fishy Titi Gi Baby Story

Last night I was setting up my new Globe Prepaid Tattoo. This is my second tattoo stick. We didn’t know that Michael will be sent to Melbourne for a month to support Ford T6 program again, so I gave my “parked with an already unusable sim” Globe Tattoo USB stick, to Michael 2, he bought another tattoo sim for the stick.

(side note : my husband is Michael 1, there are acutally 3 of them since they are triplets and their names are conveniently Michael 1, Michael 2 and Michael 3, though in Roman numerals, I will refer to Michael I, as dear husband DH, he is also “Amay” to family and relatives, II is known as “Ayek” or “Import” and III is “Boyax” or “Boy-boy”)

While setting up, Mikaela and Ayana were watching DORA the Explorer, episode, Egg Hunt.

They were watching it from a portable DVD player bought by Uncle Ayek (he is an Electrician/Seaman and currently on vacation), from China and of course all the buttons and the remote are in Chinese characters. Needless to say, we figured it out by trial and error.

Back to the my 2 angels.

Mikaela can almost follow the dialogue line by line while Ayana not to be outdone was interacting and reacting her cute enthusiastic way. And this is the conversation I overheard:

DORA: Do you see an egg?

AYANA: O! (meaning “yes” in English)

I chuckled. And then another one,

BOOTS: Say map! Say map!

AYANA: Ha? (translates to “huh?”)

By this time I already hugged her tight and smothered her with my kiss! 🙂 And proceeded to give the same hug and kiss to Ate Mikaela. The two became very fierce in competing for my attention now that Michael dear husband is not around.

Yes, one thing, Ayana became known as “fishy titi gi!” baby to her cousins (Michael’s side). Apparently, she says these words often around her cousins.

I’ve yet to hear her say these infamous words. 🙂 


6 thoughts on “Overheard – A Fishy Titi Gi Baby Story

  1. hehehe! Dora fans diay gihapon sila Avs? how cute! even my boys watches Dora the Explorer hihihi! maka-relate ra sila inig kita nila sa ilang future playdate 🙂 kisses to the girls!

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