Role Reversal

Last night, my conscientious husband brought home some print outs of red things for Mikaela to practice coloring and re-enforce learning the color red.

The pair work on quietly for a while and I was so darn pleased that all is good in the “studying” department.

But then, hilarity struck me when, Mikaela exclaimed in a voice tinged with great wonder and a wee bit of condescending, “Ku wawa Papa ah!” Which roughly translates to ” WOW Papa, that is amazing!”.

There I was feeling pretty awesome that my daughter is sitting patiently coloring but the real scenario was her father was doing the coloring while she, my dear friends, was just watching and praising her Papa. It took me a while to catch my breath from laughing so hard.

My dear sassy daughter  and my oblivious husband, their roles reversed.


P.S. We’ve enrolled Mikaela in a summer preschool enhancement program at Benthel Asia, we plan to enroll her this June at the start of the school year nursery 2. She will be turning 4 this July 29.


6 thoughts on “Role Reversal

  1. Bang, nice blog, I hope you will keep this updated. Looking forward to more stories. I’m just curious, so what were you doing when everyone else was busy learning to use the color red?

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