English Speaking Toddlers

I admire toddlers who are really good in speaking the English language and mostly their parents or whoever is training them to speak the language. I’ve dreamed of having my 2 kids speak English at an early age but alas, my children are Bisdak through and through.

But it makes me sad that some parents equate their self-esteem with that of the  abilities of their children. We have to realize that our children are unique in their own rights. And that we must love our children despite or regardless of their innate skills or abilities. Let’s celebrate their individuality, their uniqueness and love them unconditionally. =)


8 thoughts on “English Speaking Toddlers

  1. Yes, every child is unique in his or her own way. To compare a child against another (be it a sibling or a friend) is nothing but an injustice and it is like telling a child that he or she is not good enough

  2. Hello Janis, thanks for dropping by. Bisdak is actually a shortened slang for
    BISAYA – this is what we call ourselves, Native CEBUANOs and this also means the dialect we speak in Cebu, Philippines) and DAKO – literally means BIG in our dialect. BISDAK simply put is a Cebuano through and through. Hope this helps! Again, thank you!

  3. Hi! Gotcha. Haven’t heard of the term until now. My grandparents are from Cebu and I have never heard them say it. Kaya medyo hindi ako sanay. I heard Cebu is a very beautiful city. I want to go there one day when I visit Pilipinas ulit.

    Alam mo, you should be proud that your kids speak bisaya. I promise you they will be better english speakers when they get older. Better than people here in the US. My 4-yo who was born here, tinuturuan ko magtagalog. Sana matuto.

    • Oh, that’s great, come visit Cebu soon! 🙂 I think the BISDAK word may have come in in the 90s, not so sure though.
      Yes, I see your point, when I think of it there really are a lot of people who have no english speaking training early on their lives that are now doing great in communicating orally and in paper. Your blog is interesting! I’ll be a regular visitor! 🙂

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